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The blame game

Watch the news. Read through a popular magazine. Listen to people talk about their lives. You’d have to be about as perceptive as a potted plant not to notice a growing trend in the society: Everybody is a victim. Or so the claim goes.

People blame their sad lives and dismal failures on everything from bad parenting to lousy government to an inferior educational system. And the blame game is pretty effective, too. Why? Because as long as we point the finger at someone or something else, we keep the spotlight off ourselves. As long as we make excuses, we don’t have to change. Our circumstances keep us from getting out of our messes. The result of the blaming phenomenon is an entire culture of complainers. Everybody’s whining and a few people are willing to take responsibility for their lives.

From the scriptures in John 5:1-15, we learn that Jesus Christ doesn’t want us wallowing in self-pity or bitterness. He comes to us as he came to the crippled man by the Bethesda pool, and asks “would you like to get well?” It is a sobering question with profound implications. When we are ready to quit blaming and making excuses and willing to trust and obey the Lord, then and only then can we experience change and growth. Search your life today for areas in which you have been blaming rather than believing. Once you have identified them, do make a change and pray for God’s guidance.

May the love of Jesus Christ reflect on you always.

By Amol Dunncan.

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