November 15,2018   Andrew Kibor   Tags: ,

We had scheduled various activities for the whole period that would majorly touch in the 3Cs (Campus, Church and Community)
On Friday we engaged in a cleaning exercise. Although our consultation to the respective department was late, we were able to do be allocated areas where we would exercise out “honorable” mandate. The major tasks executed were: litter picking all-round the “college” side of the institution and sweeping the footpaths. The exercise took place between 0600hrs to 0800hrs. Later in the day we had chance to carry out devotions in a couple of classes and with other individual students and workers.
On the Sabbath, the PCM activities were scheduled to begin in the afternoon given that as DKUSDA we had an Evangelism/Mission collection Sabbath. We were to commune with the local churches around which include Nyaribo, New Life and King’ng’o Seventh-Day Churches with the spiritual families being the basis with which we divided ourselves to visit the respective churches. The goal for the day was to not just commune with other believers but also to minister to them.
On the first day of the week, our aim was to reach the community and this was to be realized by having 2 groups each visiting a hospital and ministering to those who are of ill health. The 2 hospitals were Outspan Hospital and Nyeri PGH. The Outspan group was rendered unfortunate due to circumstances beyond their control- they weren’t able to gain access into the hospital and thus they resorted to visit Nyeri PGH together with the other group. The day ended successfully owing to the mercy and grace of God with both our members as well as those who were visited being blessed.
At the end of it all, we thank the organizers, participants and the Almighty God for the strength, Amen.