January 10,2019   Andrew Kibor   No tags

Well, the Telegram social media platform has been there for a quite a while-since 2013. But as DKUSDA, we have slept on it for the most part, probably given that it is not as popular among us. However, the time has come for us to reap the benefits of this platform since it offers a lot more than what most oblivious to it would anticipate. Some of its feature include:

  • No need to have ones phone number in order to communicate,a username is sufficient.
  • Chats are storedin the cloud-meaning you will never lose your chats and/or file uploads unless you deliberately delete them.
  • No file(photos,videos,audio)size limit on uploads, plus you could use it as a personal cloud storage option.
  • Can accommodate up to 100,000 members, meaning the single group will be valid for a long time.
  • Has a desktop applications and its web-browser alternative is pretty convenient to use-doesn’t require one to have the app .
  • Provides APIs that can allow for flexibility in communication through the platform.

Above are just but a few of the features that come with the platform. The advantages of the Telegram group/forum DKUSDA include:

  1. The ability to accommodate members throughout a long period of time given the group limit
  2. Anyone can add other persons to the group-no need for admin privileges.
  3. All previous messages can be accessed by new group/forum members.
  4. Important communications can be relayed via the platform.
  5. Sharing of inspirational quotes,devotions,music, sermonettes and spiritual nourishing content can be share through the platform.
  6. Q & A sessions.

In summary, we will be able to have all our members in one platform and thus a stronger DKUSDA family united in Christ.

With all that said, why don’t you give it a try? Click here to join the DKUSDA CHURCH Telegram group/forum.

Be blessed.