Dedan Kimathi University Seventh Day Adventist Church, DKUSDA (formerly Kimathi University College SDA group) was born at the old Farm House, initially a hostel where the first students of the then Kimathi University College of Technology (KUCT) were admitted under the Joint Admissions Board (JAB) program. This was as a result of the government initiative to upgrade institutes and colleges to University status. The institution was formerly known as Kimathi Institute of Technology (KIT).

On a beautiful Friday 15th of February 2008, the group held their first meeting at Farm House under the leadership of Elder Dennis Ogola through an open notice inviting all Adventist students around the hostel to a fellowship. The main agenda was to deliberate on where they could be attending their Sabbath service. The following 10 (ten) members were present: Dennis Ogola (BSc. Information Technology), Wycliff Ogembo (BSc. Computer Science), Obed Mogaka (BSc. Telecommunications and Information Engineering), Collins Opondo (BSc. Actuarial Science), Jared Masara (Bachelor of Commerce), Johnson Okeyo(BSc. Actuarial Science), Jairus Otengo (Bachelor of Commerce), Morphat Mandere (Bachelor of Commerce), Wycliff Odongo (BSc. Actuarial Science) and Wycliff Moranga (BSc. Computer Science). This group decided to attend Nyeri Central SDA Church for the Sabbath service, and by God’s grace they found out more students who were not living in Farm House hostel. The number grew to 15 active members and they approached the then Dean of Students who was also doubling as the Director, Dr. Rev. Mutwiri who gave them the go ahead to officially establish the group under the University. The first fellowship was held at Room 14 (School of Business). Thereafter, interim officials were selected which later were confirmed as the officials. They were:

  1. Dennis Ogola – Chairman
  2. Jared Masara – Secretary
  3. Wycliff Ogembo – Treasurer
  4. Collins Opondo – Head Deacon
  5. Obed Mogaka – Sabbath School Superintendent
  6. Johnson Okeyo – Choir Director and Lay Leader

With much of God’s blessings, the group approached the local church (Nyeri Central SDA Church) for assistance and requested to be made a Sabbath School. On the Sabbath of 19th July 2008, the group met at the Old Mess block (now Food Science Lab) led by Pastor Stanley Muchoki who was the then District Pastor and it officially became a Sabbath School of Nyeri Central SDA Church. The confirmed number of members present that Sabbath was 20 (twenty) with only one lady called Juliet Murughe. As the pioneers, the group was willing to be part of the work that was commissioned by Christ Jesus of taking the everlasting gospel to the world and this was the perfect opportunity that the Almighty God had presented to them.

Inspired by God’s word and motivated by the desire to see the gospel fulfilled, the group started organizing for events and activities that saw them join with other Adventist Students from other institutions like Kagumo Teachers College, Nyeri MTC, Nyeri Technical among others. The union later resulted to the present NACUSA (Nyeri Adventist Colleges and University Student Association).

This group kept on growing in numbers due to subsequent intakes by the University. The pioneering leadership was made of:

  1. Dennis Ochieng Ogola – Chairman (2008)
  2. Dennis Otieno Onyango – Chairman (2008 – 2009)
  3. Wemmys Nyaberi Bisera – Chairman (2009 – 2010)

The group latter resolved to change the name of its leadership from Chairperson to Elder that saw them ordain their First Elders who were:

  1. Dennis Ogola and Musa Ongaro (2010 – 2011)
  2. Musa Ongaro and Bernard Nyaanga (2011 – 2012)
  3. David Mbugua and Ezra Serem (2012 – 2013)
  4. Bernard Nyaanga, Emmanuel Muia and Jackton Okune (2013 – 2014)

The group was officially organized as Church on 12th May 2012 at church ceremony that was graced by the then ECD Youth Chaplain Pastor Mwakalonghe and the then CKC Chaplain Pastor Ezra Okioma. This was under the leadership of the then Chaplain of the Colleges around Nyeri Pastor Gerald Nyarega and the District Pastor, Pstr. Rafael Katulu. The Church is ever expanding with the current membership growing over 200 Sabbath school members.