The church as a hospital.

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A hospital from the English dictionaries is defined as a building that is designed to diagnose and treat the sick, injured or dying. It usually has professionals such as doctors and nurses who aid in the treatment of patients. In other definitions, it may be a building that is founded for the long-term care of its residents. The residents may have no physical ailments […]


The Drunken World

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Should we drink? Should I drink? Or is drinking good? These are some of the questions that surround the modern day 21st century “Homo sapiens” as would be called by Mr. Darwin. Indeed we the inhabitants of the earth are […]


Music Mess.

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“Your music is noise unto me”. This is a phrase picked from the holy bible by one of God’s prophets. At that time, even before the coming of Christ, such words were spoken. To me, the prophecy is to us in this generation, surrounded by all the forms of musical instruments. Although the same Bible in Ecclesiastes warns that there is nothing new on […]


They had too much wine. (Acts 2:13)

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Many at times in our daily lives, people have praised you for your good conduct, narrating how well you always manage to carry out all your daily activities. Some also have criticized your works and this is really discouraging. The few that discourage and mock you really draw you back. The same thing happened to the disciples, they had just been left by Jesus […]


Now more than ever…”A Sharon Atieno case study”

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On the 5th of September 2018, the country woke up to the sad news that a student studying at Rongo university had been found dead after being abducted. Word spread far and wide through social media and all the radio stations to all the parts of the world. The extent of immorality in the universities was exposed. It was clear to the whole world that […]


The Rise of Villain’s.

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The world currently is filled with stories of successful people who made a fortune by bad acts. Most of the academic giants currently in the world attained such heights via unreasonable ways. Some forged certificates, some copied the just e.t.c. […]


Benefits of Music

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The melody of praise is the atmosphere of heaven; and when heaven comes in touch with the earth there is music and song,—“thanksgiving, and the voice of melody.” Above the new-created earth, as it lay, fair and unblemished, under the […]


Self Denial

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I saw that many in different places, East and West, were adding farm to farm, and land to land, and house to house, and they make the cause of God their excuse, saying they do this that they may help […]


Are You Available?

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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Bailey Creek Seventh-Day-Adventist Church. The young people were gathered under an old oak tree planning their Youth Day Program. Finding a preacher for this event was proving difficult, but finally, a sixteen-year –old […]