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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Bailey Creek Seventh-Day-Adventist Church. The young people were gathered under an old oak tree planning their Youth Day Program. Finding a preacher for this event was proving difficult, but finally, a sixteen-year –old nervously volunteered to give the sermon. Everyone was uncertain of his ability to do so, but Ethan was willing even if he was a bit nervous about it.

Finally, the day arrived; Ethan stepped up to the Podium and wiped his sweaty hands on his trousers. He took a deep breath, said a short prayer, and the plunged wholeheartedly into his sermon. That Saturday the church received the most power-packed homily ever, and three precious souls were saved.

The case was no different in 2nd Kings 5:2-16.A little maid was taken to captive by the Syrians and brought to a strange land. But despite the different culture and religious beliefs of this new environment, she stood firm in her faith. She was certain that God was with a prophet in Samaria and that if only her master Naaman could go there; he would be cleansed of the leprosy. As such, she brought a message of hope to these idolaters. She was captive, yet she allowed the tragedy of her captivity to accomplish a greater good. The little maid was available for God.

Spreading the gospel is also our mission in today’s world. We are to let people know what God has done and what He promises to do. Christ’s mission on earth was to do the will of His Father John 3:16-17, and He did it without hesitation, even though it resulted in great pain and suffering. This should be powerful enough to put us into action, keeping in mind that taking the gospel to other people will stretch our faith and reward us in many different ways. We have the truth that the world needs. Let us make ourselves available to be used by God so we can go into the world and rescue precious souls for the Kingdom of heaven.

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  1. Thanks Esther for this reminder. sometimes, we forget we are a special people, a chosen generation, not unto salvation ( for salvation is for all), but into the ministry of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ!!

  2. a great piece in need. God places us in different places at different times of life to manifest him. Glory to him for the opportunities

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