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I have been thinking a lot about you lately. To some level I felt that I was ready to have you in my life. I felt that it was time to grow in love with you and at that moment I’d have done so much to get to know you, or perharps who you are. I’m trying to bring myself to the thought that you will have to be my friend first before I realize you are the one, but the Lord has been teaching me the art of patience. The Spirit keeps reminding me that it is a character of love, and I ought to cultivate it in order for you to find me.
At this moment in time, I am keeping myself for only you; I know you deserve nothing but the best. I’m learning to be a woman deserving a husband that sits at the city gates and receives respect among elders of the land. I have learnt to let go and let God take control of my life. I have realised that I am only a vessel for Him and I ought to let Him use me as He wills. He has been teaching me to let go like Ruth and follow His teachings and like Rebekah, I hope you find me by the well; the well that never runs dry. Find me by the well and I hope that when you find me, you will know me; like when Adam saw Eve; bone of his bone flesh of his flesh or maybe the way Jacob cried and kissed Rachel when he saw her. There will be a body, soul and spiritual connection. A Physical attraction, soul connection and spiritual unity. See, whoever finds a good wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. I believe you will find me. I know, like Esther, I have to be prepared to be a queen for you my king. I pray that you are working to father the generation that we will send forth; Like Noah who was building the ark to save his unborn family. I pray that like David, you are seeking after God’s own heart, because if you do not come through Him, you wont find me. I hope that your obedience to the Lord and your faith in Him is like that of Abraham, that you would even be willing to give me up were God to tell so.
Many times, I ponder on so many things about you. I would want you to love me with nothing else but the agape love, but only Jesus Christ can, that is why I need you to learn from Him before you can come to me. I know you can never get to His level, but I am sure you can get as close as you possibly can. It’s a new season in my life. It’s a season of life itself. I am learning to live my life as it should be and I am speaking life into the lives of others. I know you are a great man, I am praying for grace to be able to be with you and to have much preparedness from our Father. I hope that you pray and think about me once in a while and even pray for God’s favour on our children. You should remember that I was formed from your rib. I am delicate, close to your heart. I will need your care and your love. I will strive to be the submissive woman I ought to be. For now I am busy in our Father’s house. I am loving every moment working and living here. I am drawing water with joy. This is where you will find me.

Lastly I want to remind you that mwanaume si effort. Daniel was not of that school of thought. Mwanaume ni Mungu, everything else falls into place with God in the sail

Till I meet you,
Future wife.

Shared by: Daphne Ouko

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  1. That, dear Daphne, is very commendable. It is Scriptural in approach, yielded to the Lord in anticipation and gracious in expression. Would that relationships were handled in the Scriptural way. Would that godly men would unite with godly women in godly marriages to form godly families. Would that the virtuous damsel of Proverbs 31 would unite with a Daniel. Then shall we have an argument for a christian marriage which no infidel can dare gainsay.

    Blessings, dear Daphne.

  2. That was great!!! This is actually my first time to come across this site and i am grateful to God for the DKUSDA family. May God bless and keep you. Thank you Daphne… I hope and pray that “Your letter to your future husband” may not be an exposition of the work-of -art alone… Peace be unto my brothers and sisters in DKUSDA

  3. I feel blessed after reading this article… It is a nice one, let our Lord Jesus guide you in all your works

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