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Looking all the world around, I see or hear everyone ambitiously suggesting,
If all was about me, ………….
I’d live in a super Maisonette floating on the sea,
I’d drive a Ferrari, I’d fly on a private Bombardier jet and ride on all the rollercoasters.
I’d have a beautifully-shaped, six feet physique,
I’d remain forever young and energetic.
I’d be always be healthy, never sick and never allow any form of sorrow into my life.
I’d surround myself with beautiful people and a family with enormous wealth.
The whole world would Know me, The whole world would respect me, The whole world would be under my control.
Yet, there is one who all is for Him, He owns the world, everything in it is his.
And yet, it is not all about him, it is about me.
He counts all things dross just for me.
He created everything for me, for my pleasure created he, them.
The plants and the animals were created for me, some for my protection, some for me to enjoy to behold and some for food.
The Seas and the fountains of water to quench my thirst and to enjoy myself in their cool ambience.
And the best of all, he made a rest, not for himself but for me.
For me to refresh, regenerate and recreate a life within me, with His help.
Despite the fact that all were given to me, I strayed away from Him.
But being compassionate, he sought me out.
Into the deepest misery, he plunged Himself.
In a manger he was born, there was not a room to host the new born.
Like a whirlwind, troubles and battles from the people he came to save faced him.
He was declared ‘THE MOST WANTED INFANT’.
His life, never missed humiliation, rejection, false accusations against him, traps to kill him and much sorrow.
And yet, with all these misery, the focus was never on himself but on those he came to save.
He went on and about healing the sick, setting the devil’s prisoners free, giving sight to the blind, making the lame to walk, feeding the hungry and relieving men all their cares.
In appreciation, the best thing people could think of was to shout “We want Barabbas (a man who had given them total misery and unrest) but for Jesus CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM. His blood on us and our children CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM.”
To Calvary he was dragged and hanged on a tree, a weary, unclothed and poor individual he was made,
Sweating blood and bleeding water, when his side was speared
Bleeding profusely from his, hooks bitten body, that tore his flesh and the nail pierced hands and feet,
adorned on his brow was crown of thorns,
Above his head was an inscription of jest “King of the Jews”.
What was all this for?
It was not all about him, it was all about me. It was all about you, it was all about us.That where he is I shall be, whatever he owns, I own.
Then why is it always, all about me? when it should be all about HIM, in whom, it is not, all about HIM but it is all about me.
Join with me to be in Him our all in all.

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