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“Your music is noise unto me”. This is a phrase picked from the holy bible by one of God’s prophets. At that time, even before the coming of Christ, such words were spoken. To me, the prophecy is to us in this generation, surrounded by all the forms of musical instruments. Although the same Bible in Ecclesiastes warns that there is nothing new on the earth. All that Satan does is that He upgrades the music and its accompaniments. Let it be known that in Gods worship, special instruments are to be used i.e. the flute, horn, trumpet, lyre just to mention some of them. Through the sweet songs, the Israelites Sang victory songs and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. This means that our music can do much more than we can imagine. Brethren, step up and blow the trumpet of heavenly music. Let us shun the listening and singing with ungodly accompaniments. In the strongest terms, possible condemn the use of the drum and its accompaniments. Gods music is different from secular earth music. Make the difference real.

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