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A hospital from the English dictionaries is defined as a building that is designed to diagnose and treat the sick, injured or dying. It usually has professionals such as doctors and nurses who aid in the treatment of patients. In other definitions, it may be a building that is founded for the long-term care of its residents. The residents may have no physical ailments but those who need financial support. On the other hand, a church is a Christian house of worship. It is also a group of people who follow the same Christian religious beliefs. This is according to the new testament in (Acts 15: 4).
One visits the hospital if he/she is sick either mentally or physically. One may either visit the hospital if he/she is the professional or the staff working within. When a patient visits the hospital he/she has two fates, either get well or sleep awaiting the second coming. He/she is prescribed to a medication program where he/she has to strictly follow if you are to get better. Am pretty sure you understand all the processes since at one point in time you have visited the hospital in your locality.
When we think a little deeper about the church. A question is asked, Is the church similar to a hospital? Every weekend, on the sabbath day millions of individuals visit the church buildings and join the believers in remembering the marvelous work that the Lord has done in their lives. Most of them are bored by the tedious burdens of the world. Indeed, they present all their troubles to the one specialist the creator of the world. At the end of the day, all that they can do is sing “Burdens are lifted at Calvary”, and ask for strength for the next week. The only fate that one has is to believe the almighty and all his burdens will be unloaded.
Patients visiting the hospital do not expect to contract or be infected with any other disease. Not that there are no diseases in hospital but care has to be taken that the patient may be relieved of the agony. The same is practical in the church. People converge with their various troubles and give them to the creator. However, measures have not been taken to prevent the church members from going with the same problems that they came with or absorbing other problems. Among many, the after-Sabbath discussion is, did you see so and so? She was not smart today. The two came in late and many more arguments. Among the male, all that they may think of is, the church has got no difference from any other place. The same loud music in the streets, matatus or clubs is all the same in the church. The dressing mode of some of the members is all the same as that of the world. At that, they end up remembering after the Sabbath is the fancy dresses that their fellow ladies wore and so on.
Secondly, a patient after visiting the hospital, he/she may be medicated and allowed to go home. He then has to follow a given medication and allowed to go home. Afterward, it is required that the patient follows a given medication strictly till the end. The same is true for all the church members, follow the daily counsels of life taught in church if you wish to be healthy. The difference exists in that diseases heal eventually and you have to be cautious thereafter as you do not become immune to diseases after recovery. The same applies to church as you will be able to overcome your troubles though you will not be immune to them.
Physiology rules do not change. Take your daily medication each day, hour or second. Patients visiting the hospital expect to find their fellow patients, doctors, nurses, and the support staff. The professionals will serve the patients according to the laid down procedures. In church, however, every member is a professional in their own field. God has given us special talents that we are to use so as to serve him. Every member should reach out to the relevant professionals of their interest and all their troubles will be solved. “I will never be the same again” is the song that should be sung by every believer after Sabbath.
After treatment, the doctor usually issues one with an appointment date so as to track one’s progress. This is mainly to asses the’ ones’ state of improvement. Similarly, we should go to church at the appointed time every sabbath to track our progress of healing. Meet face to face with our physician and track our healing. Cases have occurred when a patient visits the hospital and nothing happens. After some time, the patient has to leave for home to await his /her death.
That is indeed sad, though nothing else can be done. The same is practical in church. If a church member does not accept the healing power of God and cherishes his/her sin, he/she should be expelled from the church (Romans 5). Therefore, come to church not that you are to meet sinless Christians, but expect to meet, professional sinners who have realized they need a doctor. Be on the lookout not to contract any disease from the church. Leave all your burdens to the savior. Realize the hospital in the church and be healed. Amen.

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