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The world currently is filled with stories of successful people who made a fortune by bad acts. Most of the academic giants currently in the world attained such heights via unreasonable ways. Some forged certificates, some copied the just e.t.c. In Africa, most of the existing tycoons at some point have been involved in various scandals. The beauty of it all is that such people are cherished in the world. Villains have the mind and thought of Satan. Most of them make it hard and expensive to live on this earth if you were just. Honesty is now not being regarded as important anymore. In fact, the most expensive staff in the world currently is to find some degree of honesty in someone. Our environment is the first perfect class for the study. From the music that people listen (rap, reggae, hip-hop, rhumba Raha or the secular songs in our local dialect) the message that is presented through the songs is basically to encourage evil acts. Sex, drugs, poor dressing habits, inappropriate walking styles and coveting (Exodus 20: 17) form the order of the day.

I solemnly tell you, unless you desist from such acts, lest you be like them. Remember you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, who belong in the family of God (Sons of the promise) not by birth but by faith (Romans 9:7).

From the environment, we also have learned that the dressing of villains is highly regarded. Their influence in this sector is widely felt. History records that high heeled shoes were first used by the prostitutes but currently most ‘daughters of the promise’ accept that as a form of dressing. At the moment, the wearing of miniskirts in some places is still regarded as a vice. It should, however, come to your mind that “In a few days’ time, it will all be official to dress in a mini”, mark my words.

Villains have also overtaken us in our diet. It has been experimentally proven and you can also confirm that no town currently lacks a beer selling canteen (pub). There, almost everything is on sale including your body and soul. Their mankind defiles the temple of the Lord by the feasting on fancy beef or pork meals. Truly, if you still do not agree that the villains have controlled us (the good people) pray that your eyes may be opened.

In our social life, there is much interaction than has ever been before. Though people do not physically meet, the few moments that people gather much happens. The common meetings such as parties and music festivals among the youth always end up in sorrows in heaven for the crimes committed by man. Let it not be forgotten that a few years ago here in Kenyan soil, some high students were caught in a hired matatu smoking and having pleasure after a common party. This is not just one case, many more wait to be unveiled at the end of time. Our only hope is found in 1st Corinthians 6:9. Judge them not…leave that to Jah.

I can go on and on through an endless list of events but what is the wisdom of going on and on? One word is surely enough for a wise man. As for us the children of the promise, whom God has found mercy on us (Romans 9:15), let us keep the fight, stand for Jesus, Blow the trumpet of honesty, peace, love, kindness, and self-control. May the good ones take their positions and conquer as darkness does not abound where there is light. Light your candle. Rise Oh Mr./Miss. Right lest the villains rise higher.


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