Pastor Peter Makenzie

Pastor Peter Makenzie was the Chaplain for Universities and Colleges within Mt. Kenya West Station - Central Kenya Conference. His love for Jesus Christ and desire is to spearhead an ambitious Adventist Campus Ministry that will lead young people into a saving relationship and discipleship with Christ Jesus. Pastor Makenzie has a BA Theology from the University of Eastern Africa and is pursuing his MA in Pastoral Theology from the Adventist University of Africa. He is happily married and blessed with one child.

Pastor Gerald Mochoge Nyarega

Pastor Gerald Mochoge Nyarega is the 1st Chaplain for Dedan Kimathi University SDA Church under the Discovery Faith International Ministries. His love is working among the youth, mentoring and preparing them for Christ Ministry and the world to come. Currently, he is working as Chaplain for Universities and Colleges in Mt. Kenya East Station with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Central Kenya Conference. He is happily married.