“A perspective Change”

Have you ever done a needle point? Maybe you are not a needle and thread type, but you have probably atleast seen a needle point picture. The picture or design is woven together with different colors of yarn.

From the top, the needle point looks smooth and pretty. But have you ever looked at the other side? It’s a mess, isn’t it? Threads everywhere. You can barely make out the picture. It’s amazing how something can look so different from another perspective.

Like looking at the underside of a needlepoint picture, we may look at our lives and see only a mess, no pattern or reason. But that’s because we only see ourselves from down below. We can’t see all that God does from up above. But when we get a glimpse of the pattern God is weaving, suddenly we experience a perspective change.

Nobody’s life looked like more of a mess than Job’s. From Job’s point of view, his life looked a little a lot like the underside of a needle point picture. But Job would eventually see it from another point of perspective. When God finished working in Job’s life, Job saw that his darkest hour may have been his finest moment because during that time he encountered God.

From the scriptures in Job 38:4-38 we learn that when God had finished speaking, Job’s life was a picture that job never could have imagined. All the while job was suffering God was doing His work from the other side. He’s doing the same with you and the bible affirms the same in the book of Isaiah 43:1-5.

My challenge for you today is to write down all the confusing, painful, and difficult things going on in your life right now. Append a date at the top. Then put the piece of paper in your bible where you will be reading three weeks from today. See if your perspective changes by how God works in the next three weeks. (Three weeks is just a suggestion. You can wait longer if you like).




May the love of Christ shine in you and reflect in the lives of those you have ministered to.

by Amol Dunncan


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    Ndago victor says:

    Amen God bless you for the good message that you’ve brought.

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