The sound of our alarm in the morning is often received by connotations like…..”Oh no. shut that thing off!”

An alarm clock is a pretty rude way to start the day. Rather than a gentle nudge that slowly wakes you, it tends to send shock waves shuddering through your body.

You might go to bed with plans to get up early and start the day right: you may probably say to yourself; I will take a long, hot shower. Then I will have devotions. Finally I will review my previous class’s notes over a good breakfast. But when the alarm goes off it’s really easy to hit the snooze and rearrange your morning, with words like: just let me sleep for a few minutes- I don’t really need that shower. And without much effort you keep hitting snooze. Finally you open your eyes and look at the clock and panic. AAAAAAAAH. My class will start in the next fifteen minutes.

From the scriptures in Isaiah 50:4the Almighty LORD will teach me what to say, so I will know how to encourage weary people. Morning after morning He will wake me to listen like a student.” We learn that it’s important to give God time in the morning. (Psalms 5:3). Sure it’s hard you might be tired and not be in much of a good mood to think. After all, school is going to hit your day with the force of a freight train! It’s important though, to make time for the God of the Universe at the beginning of your day.

Every morning plan on praying for the people that you love, and plan on listening to what God has to say to you. God wants to share himself with you. He wants you to help make a difference for Him, to teach you how to be more like Jesus Christ (Isaiah 50:4). He wants you to see and hear others like He does- with an attitude of compassion and love. Spending time with God in the morning can help you prepare to do just that.

If you feel that you have always neglected God as you start your day each morning I want you to pray this prayer with me “Father, am sorry for the times I have chosen to sleep rather than spend time with you. Help me become more disciplined so that I can serve you, in Jesus Christ name we do trust and believe that we have prayed? Amen”.

by Amol Dunncan


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    Ndago victor says:

    when we set an alarm to wake us up we really feel good and so focused… but what happens when it does? The answer is we really neglect and say just a minute and i will be okay which we continue procrastinating. The same thing we do to our living God who surely loves us with an everlasting love. We just say we will get salvation “tomorrow” which never reaches. Lets make a decision to get salvation and look to Jesus…………..
    Thank you brother for a wonderful message. God bless you.

    • Paul Nyakundi
      Paul Nyakundi says:

      Your comment creates such a good analogy, I love it

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