Nature Sabbath Sermon by Ezra Kaimenyi (summary).

Have you ever asked yourself why every sabbath you have to take time and worship God? Most of us think that we have to do so since He commanded us to do so. I will not dispute that actually since He is our maker, we ought to have time to worship Him. Just as the bible says that through nature we are to understand the unseen things of the world. If you don’t believe, am sure at some point you have heard of someone who once lived called Sir. Isaac Newton, the first man to discover gravity. All his works originated from nature. The devil has also used nature to disapprove God’s power by introducing the evolution theory but that’s where he messed up as the Bible clearly puts is as by nature we are able to understand the invisible things from God (Romans 1:19,20).

Conies are small animals that build their houses in the rocks (Psalm 30: 26). Eagles usually feast on them so they have to run and hide in the rocks. In the same way, we as Christians are to be like the conies. We have to build our hope on the rock who is Christ. Hide in Christ when the Devil attacks and you will be safe.

Why do birds flying high in the air have to form a V-shaped pattern as they move around? The same pattern is replicated in the flight of airplanes and ships. In the new testament, Jesus compares us with the sparrows. Although the sparrows are of a lesser value yet God still cares about them, what of us humans who are way to valuable to be lost (Mathew 10: 29 -31). The savior Christ had to take the human form so as to accomplish the plan of salvation. I dare you to appreciate nature in a way different as you have always had to view it.


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