Reflecting Christ

The sun is the main source of light in our solar system. The main duty of the moon during the day is to absorb the suns energy during the day. If the moon made not any kind of contact with the son during the day, it would not be able to give out light during the night.

We have all been commissioned to go out and make disciples of all nations, but before we go, we must receive the spirit. “How?” you may ask. During Jesus’ visit to Mary and Martha’s house, Martha sat at Jesus’ feet and at this Mary asked “Lord don’t you care that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself?” Jesus in turn replied by saying that Mary had made the right choice. To seat at Jesus feet besides the literal implication may also imply to being a leaner from someone (Deuteronomy 33:3, Acts 22:3). We must sit at Jesus’ feet and study the Word. That way, we are capable of living up to the words of Matthew 28:19.

When we uplift Christ, many will be drawn to the master but if we uplift ourselves, many might be drawn to us but sadly enough we have no heaven for them. John 1:4 and 9:5 both resonate the same idea, that Jesus is the light of the world.

We are redeemed by the blood of “the lamb” who is Jesus Christ and not of Bulls and Goats. We are not the “common mwananchi” .Acts 13:47: Through us, fallen men of our kind are to minister to others. We stand a better chance to preach to the gentiles than the angels.

Humanity + Divinity > Sin.

The above equation connotes the fact that, provided one’s human nature depends solely on divine strength, one has the power to overcome sin.

Let us publish the name of Jesus Christ. We should be perfect in our spheres just as God is, in His own. Like the moon we need to take time and be in contact with the son which is the word of, which is Jesus Christ.