Sentry Duty

Iniquity has made our love grow cold like a corpse,we are in fact dead in sin, like the church in Sardis.(Rev 3:1,Matt 24:12,Eph2:1,Col2:13).

Our hearts and ears are uncircumcised, and we do not want to accept the message of truth,but, Paul tells us to arise from out sleep and have the light of Christ.

Is the church where the truth is, or is the truth where the church is? Is the truth important? We need to receive the love of the truth that we may be saved, and that we may be free(2 Thess 2:10,Jhn 8:32)

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church has been set forth as watchmen to warn the masses(Hab 2:1) ,but how can they warn the masses whilst they are asleep.

Are you giving an uncertain sound(1 Cor 14:8), are we preparing ourselves and the world for battle.

Pilate had asked,”what is the truth?” and if only he had waited long probably things would have been different for him. But Jesus is th truth and so,does that have anything to do with you and me?

Can we yoked with Christ of we are not of the same measure as He. Note that for a pair of oxen to plough the field,both have to be of the “same mindset” so to speak.

Morevore,the word of God is truth and the Spirit is also truth( Jhn 17:17,1Jhn 5:6 ) Did you kow there was a preference for Daniel above all others because he had the excellent spirit in him(Dan 5:11).

The word of truth is the gospel of Christ and this is the 3 Angel’s message and the many 3’s in the bible including the sun,moon and stars in Revelation 12 all point to the everlasting gospel which is found in Rev 14:6-12.

It is not sufficient for us to be readers of the word but also doer of the word. The most eloqut sermon is by how we live our lives; faithfully and truthfully as per how the word of God has been revealed to us.

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