The Battle of the Mind

A battle, is a warfare that occurs between two or  more armed forces. So when one talks of the battle of the mind, one simply means a mind that is armed to fight in a warfare. So just to ask, do you believe you fight battles daily within your mind?

Do you know that:

  1. All things we do are decided by the mind? (that includes deciding the stride to take next when walking)
  2. A grown up adult makes about 35,000 decisions daily?
  3. Every great institution or discovery was once just a thought?

You may not know it, but we fight battles daily within us. Max Heindel in his poem (How shall we Know Christ at His Coming) mentioned that he always had two souls in him that fought for undivided reign “.. Two souls, alas! are housed within my breast; And struggle, there for undivided reign. “. He was not alone, many others face several challenging decisions to undertake at each second, battling between Good and Evil / right and wrong. And that is the greatest battle ever. To defeat evil, to defeat our own-selves and our evil desires.

On Saturday 7-02-2015, the DeKUSDA community were treated to a very rare and so amazing preaching (The Battle of the Mind). Later in the evening we had an open session of questions and answers about the topic that was headed by our beloved brother, Br.Eric Osoro and his loving wife. So attractive were the speech and the presentation that almost 95% of the church attended and stayed glued to the last Prayer. It didn’t end there, some still wished it were  to remain for the entire week were it not that it were an exam period. If you missed such, it is a challenge to you to strive and battle with the thought that refrain you from attending the evening service in the coming sabbath.

Brother Eric, did leave a few slides to download concerning the topic. Click on the link below to download and feel free to share with a friend, because our main job on earth is to spread the gospel and our main reward will be the Ever-lasting Life.

“And the peace of God, which passeth all Understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

( philippians 4:7 NKJV)



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