PCM Weekend

  November 15,2018   Andrew Kibor   Tags: ,

We had scheduled various activities for the whole period that would majorly touch in the 3Cs (Campus, Church and Community) On Friday we engaged in a cleaning exercise. Although our […]


Reflecting Christ

Preacher:   Augustine Munialo
Key Text:   John 8:12
Hymn:   SDAH 517 : My Faith Looks up to Thee

The sun is the main source of light in our solar system. The main duty of the moon during the day is to absorb the suns energy during the day. If the moon made not any kind of contact with […]


Do your due diligence

  February 2,2015   stanley joseck   Tags:

Just like Paul did, we should zealously work with persistence carefully spreading the gospel. Our hearts should purpose to remain strong despite the hardships that may befall us for by […]